Aluminum Scrap


Sign the Signature of Aluminum for Our Valuable Future!

Our company collects aluminum and copper scrap from industrial enterprises, construction companies, automotive sector and home users. Thanks to our high quality equipment and expert staff, we process scrap materials safely and efficiently and bring them into the recycling process.

Our aim is to contribute to the recycling process in an environmentally friendly way by purchasing scrap aluminum and copper materials and to provide our customers with quality aluminum and copper scrap at affordable prices.

Aluminium Profile Unpainted

Aluminium Wire Scrap

Aluminium Pipe Scrap

Aluminium Intermediate Scrap

Copper Tube Aluminium Honeycomb

Aluminium Profile Painted

Hard Block Aluminium

Aluminium Foil Scrap

Aluminium Wheel Scrap

Aluminium Roof Sheet

Box Aluminium

Granulated Aluminium

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